Who/What are we?

The Night Fighters Army of cp are an organization that organize events/tourneys/battles or practice battles. We are a new Army and are recruiting as much as we can so please fill in the Join Us! form. Club penguin armies battle it out to win either a territory/title, anything that they would like to claim. Every big club penguin army want to get higher and higher in the CPAC top ten. Most of all we are here to meet new friends, have fun and enjoy cp army life. We hope to grow our army ASAP, thanks for reading!

~ NF team x

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hello all it has come to my attention that you can be banned for recruiting on club penguin so try not to recruit on cp as it can get you banned try to recruit on http://xat.com/mirai or http://xat.com/Riffy888 thank you

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We are open!

We made an xat chat, the uniform, we own a server that isn’t already taken, we will be recruiting very soon and we are updating everything and making things look better!

Etho, Beth and Gagili~

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